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A leading manufacturer of automotive cables

India is at the cusp of a major leap in manufacturing with the government's recent thrust on infrastructure and initiatives like Make in India. Our country today holds a definite place on the global manufacturing map. But long before this all happened, a company riding on an enterprising entrepreneurship was established nearly four-&-half decades ago in 1974 with a simple goal to manufacture high-quality automotive cables. Consistently grasping shifts in technology over the years, growing on the innate strength of engineering evolutions and making right strategies, Malhotra Cables Pvt. Ltd. has spanned across generations. Together We Make It Happen; our vision aptly defines us as our phenomenal progress actually has been a shared journey with skilled workers, engineers, people establishing our vast supply-chain-network and most notably, our esteemed customers.

MCPL is truly a leading manufacturer of automotive cables focusing on research,development to produce world class cables,by adopting perfection,innovation,maximizing customer satisfaction and establishing its brand equity world wide.Our mission is to safe guard life's of people and our environment by manufacturing Eco friendly cables.

MCPL has also erected a powerful and integrated supply-chain-network with a proper shipping-arrangement and logistics-management of products by having well-organized warehouses at Pantnagar, Noida, Ahmadabad, Chennai and Pune. Perfect administrative monitoring ensures precise and safe product-delivery to our customers in a time-bound manner, a hallmark of our supply-network.

We are an organization of 450 committed and highly skilled people who with their cross-functional co-operation and combined competence have enabled us to attain and sustain the lead in automotive cable-production in the country. They give us an order-inflow exceeding targets every time and a profitable growth on technological efficiencies year-after-year. The scale of our expertise, planning and satisfaction to our customers can just be assessed by the quality-monitoring of the products done by them, Quality PPM, which has been 1 PPM since 2013, an amazing track-record.

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The greater satisfaction comes from the fact that India is surging forward with a focus on technology and MCPL has always kept technology, customers and contribution to the country in its core.